Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rain Gutter Regatta

Jayce had his very first Rain Gutter Regatta at Cub Scouts (he also got his bobcat patch) last night. He came in first in his 4 races and could not have been more proud of himself and his dad! It was so fun! Not bad for both of their first time! Way to go boys!


GammaHaynes said...

Brooke I'm so proud of you. You seem to be the only person out there updating your blog. Okay maybe I only read a few. But I'm still proud of you, your doing awesome.

Michelle said...

Brooke - YAY!! You are updating this now! :) I have had you on my blog list & everytime I check up on everyone, I take a peek to see if yours has been updated. So imagine my surprise when it WAS! LOL. The pictures of the tulips are amazing & it's so fun to see pictures of your cute kids! (And I see that Jill left you a comment, so in a minute I am off to stalk her blog as well!) :)

Haynsy said...

And yet I'm not on your family and friends list?

We're reading you, keep it up.