Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hi All, I know...it has been forever again. I am going to try again this year to be a better blogger. So here goes. We are here in Chico. So far we all really like it here. We all miss Auburn, but I think this could eventually feel like home. I have finally figured out where most everything is. The shopping here is sortof lame, but I was never that much of a shopper so not really a big deal. Our ward is old....not very many people our age or our kids ages for that matter. So we really miss our Green River Ward family! But who knows....maybe the boundaries will change soon and we'll be just fine! I am teaching the 6 year olds (3 adorable and dramatic little girls) in Primary. Adrian is the new Gospel Doctorine teacher (glad it is him and not me!!:). I think he'll do great, but he is a little nervous about that one. Jayce and Joey are enjoying school and making new friends everyday. They are already trying to schedule playdates! Jett is missing the Y and all his "real" friends. He also wants to move back to our old house so he can go back to school. Everyone is missing the Auburn Gateway experience! But the house is very functional. We have had a GREAT Christmas! My brother Jayson and his wife Lara came with my other brother Tyler and his family (wife Amy and 3 daughters Lauren, Kate and Hadley) to spend it with us. It was fun to actually spend the holidays with my family! I'll post a few picts. Love and miss you all! Happy NEW Year!

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